What are all those hearts for?

What do you think they mean? Get ideas to help your preschooler grasp the meaning of Valentine’s Day by chatting about … Ages 2 years & up

Sticky String Sculptures

Invent your own shapes with a little string, glue and science. These easy, sensory sculptures mold your preschooler’s creativity and visual acuity too! Ages 3 years & up.

Dough for Keeps

Stir up a souvenir that captures your little one’s hands. Molding this simple dough into long-lasting treasures celebrates your preschooler’s science learning and hand-eye coordination. Ages 2 years & up.

Five-minute No-cook Nut Butter Balls

Roll up a speedy, delicious and protein-packed treat. Crush, mix and mash your favorite everyday ingredients into something new to build your preschooler’s science learning too! Ages 2 years & up.