Paper Lillypads

Floaty, funky flowers are waiting to spring from your kitchen cupboards. Dreaming up upcycled blossoms is perfect practice for small motor skills and creativity. Ages 2 years and older.

Focus Scopes

Zoom in on your child’s world. Recycled-roll telescopes encourage close investigation while sharpening environmental awareness and visual acuity. Ages 3 years & older.


Give your lonely, old socks another life as simple, stuffed toys. Have a blast sharpening hand-eye coordination and recycling the ordinary for dramatic play. Ages 3 years & up.

Sunshine Salad

Make a snack that’s sunny and yummy in the tummy! Nutritious and quick, this fruit salad boosts your child’s small motor development and hand-eye coordination. Ages 2 years & older.

Objects In Motion

Have a ball pretending to be a ball– or whatever your kid chooses. Blow off steam with creative movement & science learning! Ages 3 years & up.

Tubie Creatures

Your child’s imagination makes recycled paper rolls into inspired creatures. Creating human or animal forms combines divergent thinking and small motor skills. Ages 3 years & older

Fold-over Painting

Drop, fold and delight with simple, symmetrical paintings. Even our youngest painters can celebrate their small motor skills and creativity using this super easy technique. Ages 2 years & up.

Crayon Hokus-Pokus

Watch your preschooler’s drawings reappear! Surprise with a drawing and painting technique that grows small motor skills, hand-eye coordination plus creativity. Ages 3 years & older.

Spider Crackers

Spiders aren’t so creepy when they’re fun, healthy snacks. Make yummy treats while sharpening your child’s small motor and hand-eye coordination skills. Ages 2 years & older.

Foil Formations

Feel the crunch in a good way! Aluminum foil used as an extra-ordinary modeling material will shape your child’s small muscles and divergent thinking. Ages 3 years & older.