What signs of winter can you find?

Noticing and talking about winter signs builds your preschooler’s environmental awareness and visual acuity, skills fundamental to their future reading and … Ages 2 years & up

Shadowy Fun

Capture your shadow friends and tell their stories. These big, outdoor drawings reveal your preschooler’s change perception and science learning too. Ages 2 years & up.

What’s the brightest color you found today?

Chattly-do! In winter things change a lot outside, don’t they? So let’s talk about the bright colors you find today inside and outside. Visual acuity is reinforced when you ask your preschooler to look out for something specific in the environment. Plus, your child’s …

What was the coldest thing you found today?

Brrrr Chatty-do! The weather is changing. Let’s go outdoors and see how it feels out there. Talking about changes in the weather and how they make us feel broadens your preschooler’s environmental …

How many green things can you find today?

Chatty-do! Get out in the world and go for the green! Look for great big green things, tiny little green things, and find some moving green things, too. Conversing about the colors that your preschooler finds sharpens their …

How did the sky look today?

Look up! See what’s happening in the sky and talk with your child about its color, the clouds, and anything else that is passing through it. Observing the wild blue yonder together is also a chance to embrace your preschooler’s …

Fence-iful Weaving

Give that fence a youthful make-over! These big, colorful weavings benefit preschool early literacy & environmental awareness. Ages 2 years & up