Types and Stages of Preschool Play

Today we share the 3 stages and 5 types of play that young children naturally progress through. Plus get easy ideas, toys and activities to fit your child’s play style.

Walking Apple Sandwich

Take a yummy hike with an easy-to-make and carry sandwich. This fresh combination of fruit and protein explores your preschooler’s creativity and hand-eye coordination too. Ages 2 years and older.

What squiggly things can you find?

Show me how you can squiggle like a funny worm. Now, can you find some other wiggly things today? Words like squiggly, wriggly and squirmy are fun for …

Objects In Motion

Have a ball pretending to be a ball– or whatever your kid chooses. Blow off steam with creative movement & science learning! Ages 3 years & up.

Learning Anywhere, Every Day – Fun Fitness

Young children today are at risk of becoming less physically fit than any other time in history. Set an early example– try some of our fun, fitness ideas to keep you and your preschooler moving together.

Spongy Walkers

Springy sensations turn walking into pretend play. These everyday items inspire creative movement and exercise large motor skills!Ages 2 years & up