activity chattydo triangles you see

Chatty-do! What triangles can
you see today?


Let's have a triangle hunt! Triangles have a special shape with 3 sides. Let's draw one, just for fun. And let's be on the look out for triangles today when we run our errands. Can you find a road sign with 3 sides or see triangles in plants or buildings? Hey, let's make triangles during snack time today with our pretzels or carrot sticks. Enjoy tracking down, talking about or even counting triangles with your preschooler today! This easy, everyday shape recognition will grow your child's visual acuity and left-to-right eye tracking skills, which are key to their future ability to read.

Loved it? Give this a try:

Learn more simple ways to support your child's shape recognition and small motor development in our blog, A Child's History of Scribbling - Part 4 - Basic Forms. Then, after you've found some everyday triangle treasures, try creating your own unique, triangle shapes with our Sticky String Sculptures and Celery Boats activities.


+ Inspiration/thanks goes to the big, brown moths that lived on Claire's front porch in North Park, San Diego.