what was your favorite thing about summer

Chatty-do! What was your favorite thing about summer?


Now that the seasons are changing, what things were your favorites? Walking barefoot, splashing around in warm water, seeing all the flowers bloom, eating yummy watermelon, playing outside with family and friends? Remembering these good, summer times together is a chance to share what's meaningful with each other. Plus your little one's language skills and cognitive development get a boost too!

Loved it? Give this a try:

Try this activity whenever the seasons change, from Winter to Spring and into Fall! Now, think of all the animals you've seen and check out our Chatty-do, What's Your Favorite Animal. If Kindergarten is part of your child's upcoming plans, our blog Get Ready for Big School - 8 Parenting Tips is a helpful place to start preparing.


+ Inspiration/thanks goes to the East Coast’s stone fruits, like cherries, nectarines, peaches, plums, oh yeah. Get ‘em while you can!