Scribbling Stages

Part 1 of 5 - Why Your Preschooler's Scribbles Are Important

28 December 2016


So what’s the big deal about scribbling? All kids do it, right? Yes, they do. Your child’s first scribbles are related to later drawing, painting and eventually writing-- just as a baby’s first babbling sounds are related to speech. Since scribbling is a foundation of your child’s creative, or art development, it’s important to know how to encourage your young scribbler. This is why I want to spend this series explaining the whole idea of art development and its stages so you will know what to expect. Even better, you will know how to encourage your child's creativity in each stage.

You might not know it, but there’s a definite pattern to how children develop in art and it’s the same the world over. And just like all other human growth, we can expect children to go through these stages at their own individual pace. While scribbling, children enjoy the pure physical motions, the kinesthetic pleasure, involved in scribbling. It is the act of doing-- not the final product-- that’s important to your little scribbler.  

To kick things off, just for fun, try scribbling using your non-dominant hand, if you're right-handed try with your left. This will help you get an idea of how it feels to have less developed small motor skills in your hand and fingers, like your little one. Give it a try and see how this experiment can change your understanding!

Speaking of stages, take a look at our Child Developmental Milestones to get more information about your child’s overall pattern of development. And give our Markers Run Free activity for an unexpected and easy take on your preschooler's drawing.

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