Frequently Asked Questions


When will Skilly-do make new preschool activities, articles and guides?

Unfortunately, at this time, we do not plan to create new content.

Before Skilly-do was a free website, we were a subscription-based service and an edtech startup that published new early learning ideas weekly. You can find out more about Skilly-do's startup achievements right here in our News section. And don't forget, all of Skilly-do's 300+ expert, playful early learning ideas are now freeeeee!

What are the benefits of Skilly-do?
  • With Skilly-do, it's easy to play, learn & get ready for school together.

We know preschool learning makes a positive impact on your child’s future, and you are their first and most important teacher.

Based on our 40+ years of early childhood learning experience, Skilly-do is a free preschool toolkit that makes the most of your time and your child’s early learning through play. We’ve made sure that you can put our expertise into practice in quick, meaningful, and fun ways. You'll make memories, jumpstart your preschooler's skills and their lifetime of achievement with practical early learning ideas, guides and activities designed specifically for preschool children.

Have a question about your preschooler’s development or growth? Check out our free Child Development Guide right here!

  • Skilly-do is created for everyone.

To meet parents where they are, we collaborated to create Skilly-do with local businesses and their working families, like N2 Publishing and University of North Carolina Wilmington, and non-profits like New Hanover County Smart Start and the YWCA of Lower Cape Fear.

When Skilly-do was a subscription-based site, every paid member was matched by a family-in-need for free. We created a foundation that embraced our community’s diversity and put playful learning within everyone’s reach.

Most importantly, when you have fun with Skilly-do, you're helping your children and community benefit from the proven advantages of preschool learning. We thank you!

  • You're in an ad-free, family-focused zone. 

We know you're busy and it's important for you to focus on your child. Skilly-do is advertising free and will never sell your information to 3rd parties.

Why are Skilly-do activities better for my preschooler than others I can find online?

Sure, some folks offer thousands of free activities. Skilly-do activities go above and beyond the others. Here are 5 reasons why:

  • We make it simple to find fun ways to play and learn with your child as they grow. We know you don’t have time to sift through a sea of activities. Because of this, our activities are proven, curated, and clear. There's just 15 minutes prep time for every activity, tested & guaranteed. And you can zoom in by age, type, skills and more! 
  • Every activity is based on our expert's knowledge about how preschool children learn and develop. Skilly-do was created by a child development expert and each activity is designed on what we know is appropriate for children ages 2- to 4-years-old. We know how to get ready for primary school from 40-plus years of experience working with thousands of children and teachers. Learn more about our story right here.
  • Skilly-do activity materials are affordable and within reach.You can find our materials locally, around your home, grocery, craft stores, or the great outdoors. Or, if you're in the US, just click to buy what you need! All materials that can be purchased online are linked conveniently to Amazon. Check out our Materials page for tips and all the supplies that work best.
  • Skilly-do activities are focused on your preschooler's unique creativity and thinking; understanding, fostering and enjoying it. Skilly-do activities go beyond making things that cover your refrigerator. They help explore and support your child's unique development. And every activity is linked to our Child Development Guide’s Developmental Skills, so that you can immediately see its benefits.
  • Our activities are advertising- and noise-free. To help you make the most of the time you have with your preschooler, Skilly-do is advertising free and will not sell your information to 3rd parties. When you click-to-buy a material, know you are helping our community stay in the learning-zone!
What devices is Skilly-do available on?

The Skilly-do website is available on browsers for desktop, tablets and mobile devices.

What age range is Skilly-do meant for?

Our activities are designed for the 2- through 4-year-old age range.  The important word here is range. We see ages as approximations in all of our activities.  Your child may well be ready as a toddler of 18 months for our 2-year-old activities. Older children (and you too!) can have still have a blast– and exercise more advanced developmental skills–  with activities targeted at younger ages.

You can browse activities by age or developmental milestone, for example, 2 years. Or you can expand your scope by choosing an age range, for example 2 years & older.

The bottom line is knowing your child’s skills and interests. Give all activities you feel your child would like a try. Then, let your own knowledge guide you in choosing the right Skilly-do activities for your child despite any activity's stated age.

What is a Child Development Guide?

We created our free Child Development Guide to help you understand and connect with how your child grows. Plus, it links all of our activities-- and all of the fun-- to your child’s developing skills and creativity. It's made up of two parts:

Go ahead, take a look and see what our free Child Development Guide is all about!

What type of materials do I typically need?

We're committed to keeping activity prep time to 15 minutes or less! So, our library of creative activities uses commonly available (and affordable!) household, natural, recycled and craft materials. Here are 3 easy ways to gather your Skilly-do materials: 

  1. Take a look around your kitchen, recyclables, local sources like grocery, big-box, craft stores, and the great outdoors. They will usually have everything you need.
  2. Or, if you're in the U.S., just click to buy! All Skilly-do activity materials are linked directly to
  3. Check out our Preschool Materials page right here! It has all the supplies and sources we typically use. Plus, it’s got time-tested advice for what materials work best for specific preschool ages and activities. 

Want to go gear-free? Check out our Pure Imagination activity collection to focus solely on your child’s ingenuity. Zero materials required!

Are your activities allergen free?

Most Skilly-do activities are allergen-free. We strive to be sensitive to child allergens and clearly note if an activity involves materials that may be potentially problematic such as diary, nuts, grasses or gluten.

What about recycled materials?

Developing an eye for creative possibilities is empowering at every age. Re-use and re-think is one of our core values, we believe recycling makes a difference and encourage you to do the same in all of our preschool activities.

Here’s a Skilly Spark: Make a list with your child of things at home that could be recycled and used for activities.  You can explore second-hand stores and yard sales for these materials, too.

What does Skilly Spark mean?

Just like its name implies, it’s the spark to fire up your child’s mind for the fun ahead. A Skilly Spark alerts you to engage with your child before, beginning, or during an activity. We encourage you to take time to talk about and focus on an activity's core ideas– which will make it even more meaningful for you both.  After all, we believe that engaging with your child is really the best part of all of Skilly-do.

How many kids can participate in Skilly-do activities?

All of our activities are good for a single child or for as many children as an adult can easily and safely supervise. Knowing your child(ren) and how they work together will help you decide how many children to include.  

Check out our Child Development Guide to learn about how children typically interact per their age or developmental milestones. Plus, our collection, Good For Groups, is a great place to start you're looking for activities for 5 or more kids.

How long do Skilly-do activities last?

40+ years of experience have taught us that time spent in an activity is equal to the interest of the child.

The best scenario is that they go completely ga-ga for the activity and you have to tear them away. The reverse is that you can’t get a flicker of interest in it.  The key here is being tuned into a child's reaction. Use this information to help you plan another activity, knowing that this kind didn’t hit the spot for your child. And don’t force a child to do an activity if it just isn’t happening for them, the key to a love of learning is enjoyment.

Need ideas? Check out our collection, Beyond The Fridge, for activities that generate useful objects for your home or playthings, like puppets and bubbles, that can be engaged with time and time again.

Are Skilly-do activities messy?

Yes, because kids are messy most of the time! We think there is nothing more discouraging to creative activities than having to constantly remember to “keep clean.” It’s a major bummer.

Therefore, for most of our activities we suggest that children (and perhaps you too) wear old clothes, aprons, or “art clothes.”  Art clothes are clothes that are already stained from previous (not necessarily art) activities. They can also become a “wearable album” full of fun reminders of previous activities.

The same goes for your work area. If you are in any way concerned about keeping it clean, cover it!  Newspaper, old sheets, even tarps can do the job. We recommend plastic table cloths like this one found on Amazon. They are waterproof and can be used over and over, making activity preparation easier every time. You can find even more messy prep tips here in our Materials page!

Are Skilly-do recommended materials supported in my country?

Please note that recommended products are available only to our U.S. customers. Here’s how it works:

  • U.S. customers will be directed to our recommended product on
  • Customers in other countries will be directed to our recommended product on Please note that these products are available for purchase only in the US.
[For our legacy, paid customers] Is my information 100% secure?

Skilly-do will never ever share your information with 3rd parties. You can trust us with your data because we work with secure, trusted and established 3rd parties for our data-based services. Because of this, we do not store personal information, such as credit card data, that you submit via Skilly-do. If you would like to know the finer details, please do check out our Privacy Policy here.

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