Fold-over Painting

Drop, fold and delight with simple, symmetrical paintings. Even our youngest painters can celebrate their small motor skills and creativity using this super easy technique.


This can get messy, so prepare yourself, your child and your area. Our FAQ has easy cover-up tips if you need them.

MATERIALS - click to buy
  1. White construction paper like this found on Amazon.
  2. Liquid tempera paint in jars or tubes like these in several colors. For the best color mixing results, primary colors red, yellow, and blue are good choices.
  3. Spoons, one for each color of paint. Everyday table or soup spoons like these are preferred because they can easily be washed and reused.
  4. Small containers for paint. We like these small containers with lids because it's easy to store any left-over paint. Recycled, kid-sized yogurt containers work just as well.  
  1. Put a small amount of each color of paint into a small container.
  2. Give your child a piece of construction paper and a spoon.
  3. Let them fold the construction paper in half. Offer assistance if needed.
  4. Show your child how to dip the spoon into the paint and drop small dots of paint onto one half of the paper. Their dipping continues with all the different colors until they’re satisfied with their design.
  5. Skilly Spark: Talk about mixing colors with your child. For example, discuss how using two or more primary colors together, such as red and yellow, make orange designs.  
  6. It’s magic time. Fold the unpainted side of the construction paper over the painted side and gently rub it.
  7. Open the paper and ta-da!! See how the drips have joined to create a surprise design.


Keep the fun going
  • More, more, more! When the painting is dry, drop different drops of color onto one side and fold over again.  
  • Repurpose your cut up paper grocery bags to create your fold over paintings.
  • For older children, 3 years and above, challenge their small motor skills by using an eyedropper with water-thinned paint to drip color onto the paper.