Jet Planes

Pilot your private plane to the land of imagination. Plus, feeling so fly elevates your child’s creative movement and large motor skills.

  1. Imagination only
  1. Skilly Spark: Talk with your child about jet planes how they look in the sky, how fast they move.  How do they move when coming in for a landing, or making a nose dive?
  2. Ask your child to pretend to be a jet plane and use their body to show the jet taking off and landing: On the ground, in the air, climbing up into the clouds, then back on down again.
  3. Now their jet is a stunt plane: It can write in the sky, make loops and even turn upside down. Ask them to show how it can write numbers and letters, like 3 or 5, an S or a P.
  4. If interest is still there, let your child come up with more creative jet moves. For instance, their jet could draw the shape of a funny animal or a wiggly worm in the sky.
  5. When interest wanes, that’s the natural end of the activity.
Keep the fun going
  • Turn up the volume! Make jet sounds as they move.
  • Draw pictures capturing how they looked and felt being a jet.

+ Inspiration/Thanks goes to the private planes' sunset flights at the Santa Monica Airport.