Activity - Line Challenges

Line Challenges

Concentrate all of your child’s wacky energy into inventive, linear moves. Let loose with your child's creative movement and large motor skills.


If you’re indoors and using tape, test it on a small spot in a non-noticeable area to be sure it won’t leave sticky residue or marks.

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  1. If you are indoors, masking tape like the kind found here on Amazon or blue painter’s tape. Both types are easy to see and will not leave sticky residue.
  2. If you are outdoors, chalk. We recommend the large, bright sidewalk chalk like this. It makes clearly visible lines that are easy to see on cement. Or, you can draw a line in the dirt with a stick, hand, find a a line in the sidewalk!
  1. Indoors, use tape to make a line on the floor, as long as you'd like or space allows.  Outside, make a line with chalk the sidewalk, inside the garage, or on any cement surface
  2. Skilly-spark: Ask your child:  “How many ways can you move on the line?”  More questions could be:
    • Can you slide on it?
    • Can you tip toe across the line?
    • Can you roll over the line?
    • Can you lie beside the line?
    • Can you run or skip around the line?
Keep the fun going
  • Make another line across from the first line and challenge them to find creative ways to jump, crawl, or run across “the river” or "the road" or ...
  • For older children, give creative movement a go, by pretending to be acrobats walking on a tightrope, or ballet dancers dancing on a line.