Nature's Sculptures

Sculpt with the natural world. Stimulate environmental awareness and small motor skills by gathering and building with unique natural objects.


Be aware of any allergies that children may have to natural materials, such as grasses. For adults only - If you choose to use spray lacquer, do so with optimum ventilation, preferably outdoors.

MATERIALS - click to buy
  1. Generous supply of lovely natural materials such as twigs, pine cones, seeds, seed pods, stones, wood, sticks, shells, pebbles, grasses ...
  2. Container for gathering, such as a box, paper or cloth bag
  3. Quick-drying, squeeze-bottle glue. We prefer Aleenes glue, which can be found here on Amazon. It dries quickly and cleanly. See our Materials page for more glue guidance.
  4. Optional - Construction paper, like the pack of assorted colored paper found here, fabric pieces or scraps for more creative expression
  5. Optional - For adults only! Clear quick-drying spray lacquer such as Krylon's Spray Acrylic to preserve your child’s sculpture
  6. Optional - Colorful felt squares like these, recycled cardboard or egg-cartons to use as sculpture bases. Your choice!
  1. Skilly Spark: The fun begins with a walk outdoors to collect natural objects. Take time to talk with your child about each object, why they’ve chosen it, its special colors, sizes, shapes, designs.
  2. Back at home, encourage them to play with the objects arranging one on top of or next to another to create a piece of sculpture.
  3. When they’re satisfied with their creation, glue it together. This may mean you help them hold things as they glue objects onto each other.
  4. Paint, fabric or colored paper can be added if desired. There’s always more creativity to be had in adding details!
  5. Optional - Provide a base by gluing a piece of felt to the bottom to prevent the sculpture from scratching furniture. Or, to make a larger sculpture, glue natural objects to an egg carton or a piece of recycled cardboard.
  6. Optional - Natural objects can get dry or change color if not sealed. You can spray with clear spray lacquer to preserve the natural objects' finish. Spray with optimum ventilation, preferably outdoors.
Keep the fun going
  • Keep the discovery-to-creation cycle going-- On your trips to the park or just walks around your neighborhood, be on the lookout for more natural objects for making more sculpture creations.