Skilly-do is Free!

14 February 2020

Skilly-do is free!

After 4 years of creating and running Skilly-do, it’s time to start our next chapter. So, as of February 14, 2020, all of Skilly-do's 300+ expert, early learning ideas are free!

What exactly does this mean for you?

  • We are no longer publishing new content on our website and social media.
  • Skilly-do no longer supports memberships, member accounts, log ins, or home pages. Yes, our website, is totally free!
  • As always, your information is 100% secure and we will never ever share your data with 3rd parties. Please see our FAQ here if you have questions.

Building Skilly-do has been an adventure filled with collaboration and community. We sincerely thank you for supporting Skilly-do’s mission; to provide families with simple ways to discover and invest in their children’s early learning and creativity through play. 

We could not have learned or accomplished so much without you and we’re grateful.

If you’d like to get in touch, you can contact us right here.
Take care & keep playing!
Claire & Mary
Claire Holroyd & Dr. Mary Holroyd
Co-founders | Skilly-do | seriously playful