Objects In Motion

Have a ball pretending to be a ball– or whatever your kid chooses. Plus, blow off steam with creative movement and science learning.

  1. Imagination only
  1. Skilly-spark: Begin by naming an inanimate object that has outside forces causing it to move or change. Here are some ideas to help generate your own:
    • An orange that’s being peeled
    • A vine growing over a wall
    • An ice cube melting
    • A cloud drifting through the sky, slowly changing shapes
    • Smoke coming out of a chimney
    • A rubber ball bouncing along the ground
    • A boat being tossed by the water
  2. Ask your child to show the shapes and movement of the objects.
  3. Creative movements are fun to do inside and outside.   You can join in the fun, too-- why not?  
Keep the fun going
  • Flip the script! Ask your child to come up with objects in motion suggestions for both of you to do.