Skilly-do Book Review

Inch by Inch - Leo Lionni

24 October 2017

Book Review - Inch by Inch - Leo Lionni

As this classic story for children ages 2 to 6 years old begins, a little inchworm cleverly avoids getting eaten by a hungry robin. He tells the bird he’s very useful and can measure its tail. Fly along with the inchworm as he sizes up breathtaking birds-- that want to eat him for breakfast-- in inventive ways. Keep your eyes peeled to find out how he meets his biggest calculating challenge in a creative way. Ready to see how these math-friendly adventures are played out in this Caldecott award-winning book? Inch by Inch can be found right here on Amazon. You can learn more about the American Library Association’s Caldecott award for distinguished American picture books for children and its winners here. 

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