Spiral Sandwiches

Give that same old pb&j a twist! This sandwich-making entertains while applying hand-eye coordination and creativity, too.


As with any food activity, be sure to wash your hands with warm soapy water before and after.  It can get messy, so prepare yourself, your child and area.

MATERIALS - click to buy
  1. Fresh, pre-sliced sandwich bread like this example on Amazon. One slice makes one spiral. Your favorite gluten-free bread is welcome too. Dry bread does not work well for this activity.
  2. Dull, table knife like these for spreading your sandwich fixings
  3. Adults only, sharp knife for slicing
  4. Any yummy sandwich fixings of your choice, such as sugar-free, all-natural peanut butter and bananas, cream cheese and walnuts, hummus and veggies ...
  5. Rolling pin. We prefer to use a metal, nonporous, dish-washer friendly kind like the one found here. A clean can of soup with the label removed works in a pinch too.
  6. Clean, flat surface to roll on. A cutting board like this one on Amazon or a piece of wax paper on our kitchen counter are our go to’s. Be sure it’s large enough so your child has enough room to easily move the rolling pin across it.
  1. Placing the bread on your clean surface, your child uses their rolling pin to flatten out the bread until it’s dough-like. Roll it up and down and side to side.
  2. Once the bread is good and flat, about a 1/4 inch thick or less, use the knife to cover it with their choice of delicious spread.
  3. Ask them to use their hands to roll the up bread into a spiral. Help as needed, but let your kid try first.
  4. Skilly Spark: Adults, use a sharp knife to slice it into pieces and reveal your child’s swirly culinary creation. If you’ve used solid ingredients such as banana slices or veggies notice how they change the shape of the spiral. Is it more triangular or oval in shape?
  5. They’re ready to eat or can be wrapped in wax paper for later snacking.


Keep the fun going
  • Viva la variety! Experiment with different kinds of spread and bread combos, such as rye, whole wheat, turkey slices, almond butter ... you name it.