Spongy Walkers

Springy sensations turn walking into pretend play. These everyday items inspire creative movement and exercise large motor skills!

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  1. Two fresh– not hard, dried out or dirty– sponges, large enough to support your child’s foot. We recommend big, thick, car washing sponges, like these on Amazon.  But the kitchen type can do fine too.
  2. Piece of wide ribbon, about 2 inches wide and 2 feet long. We recommend wide, non-slippery or ribbon, such as grosgrain found here.
  1. Skilly-spark: Lots of fun and pretend play can occur with this new sensation. Ask your child: What would happen if we put these springy, sponges on our feet? Would you grow taller? How would you walk? What could you pretend to be?
  2. Simply lay the ribbon horizontally on the floor.
  3. Place a sponge vertically in the middle of the ribbon.
  4. Ask your child to sit down and place their foot onto the center of the sponge. Then, lay the ribbon over the top of their foot and tie the ends in a bow so that it fits snugly to their foot, but still allows a bit of spring! Older 4-year-olds can help tie their own bows too. Ask them to stamp their feet to be sure the sponges stay put. Now, tie the 2nd sponge to their other foot.
  5. Now, we're ready to go for a spongy walk! Your child could see themselves animals, creepy crawlers, astronauts ... absolutely anything that comes into their mind!
Keep the fun going
  • Play music and encourage them to move along to the beat on their spongy feet.
  • Go four-legged! Tie sponges to your preschooler's hands too, now what could they be?
  • Go outside, wet the sponges, and see the different marks and shapes your child can make on the cement!