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Grounded in 40+ years early childhood expertise, Skilly-do makes the most of parent's time and preschooler's early learning through play.


Skilly-do has what you need to launch, promote playfulness, and measure impact-- for less than $10 per employee per month!


Each team-membership is matched by a family in need with our local non-profit partners for free!


Working parents love Skilly-do.


"Skilly-do stands out because of its not only fun, but easy, and affordable activities. It offers ideas that reinforce my child’s development and meaningful moments spent between us. That’s simply irreplaceable."

— Liat, Working Preschool Mom, Wilmington, NC


Parents are preschoolers' first and most important teachers.


56% of new parents say that striking a work-family balance is difficult.*

83% are willing to change jobs for better family-life benefits.**


You're in great company!



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Playful learning can help reduce employee stress, improve relationships, and contribute to their overall well-being.


Creative Preschool Activities

120+ simple ideas, designed for ages 2 & older with just 15 minutes max prep time! Try these 5 for free!

Early Learning Articles

Get everyday ways to optimize early learning with 100+ articles. Read these 5 for free!

Tailor-made Ideas

Fit your child's unique growth with 90+ Early Learning Guides, added weekly! Try the free Child Development Guide!

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* We will never sell or share your personal information, cross our hearts and hope to die.

* Pew Research Center - Raising Kids and Running a Household: How Working Parents Share the Load
**care.com- Lack of Access to Child Care Benefits Also Impacts Workplace Performance