Welcome to Skilly-do!

29 November 2016


Claire: So, Mom-- how do you want to kick this off?

Mary: Well, I love our name, Skilly-do, because it really describes what we’re all about. Fun, engaging activities that are based on developmental skills and do-ing them with your child. As a parent and educator, I know the vital importance of play for a child’s development. And that’s another reason that our tagline, "seriously playful" is so important and real to me.  

Claire: Agreed. When we were thinking about starting this, I wanted us to find a simple way to say how essential play and having fun are, for both kids and adults. So, speaking of, beyond us having the chance to work together, what motivated you to do Skilly-do?

Mary: I have been involved in coming up with activities for young children for a long time. It’s been over 43 years since I published my textbook! The activities multiplied as time went by, thanks to being a grandparent, great-grandparent and educator. Really when I think about it, my career as an educator worked for me as a parent.

Now, I want families to know that it’s easy to engage with your child, to learn about and foster how they develop with Skilly-do activities. I’ve been doing just that for so many years for teachers, and now I believe it’s high time I did it for parents. And after all, parents are a child’s first teacher.

Claire: Right. You taught me that I could always keep learning and creating, from the simple things, what surrounds me. Even as a person who makes digital things for a living, it’s a skill I come back to over and over again. I’m grateful for it.

I want Skilly-do to encourage people who care for growing children– teachers, parents, uncles, grandparents, family friends– to take time to invest in and enjoy their creativity. Like you did for me, Mom. And that’s what I think is so fantastic about building Skilly-do together, we’ve come full-circle. Decades later, here we are, still challenging each other to grow.

Mary:  Ah yes, growth. I hope that Skilly-do readers will benefit from reading and responding to my thoughts about child development and such.  I’m going to try and make this experience worthwhile for them and me. 

Claire: Absolutely! I’m definitely looking forward getting to folk's thoughts and feedback. And learning more!


And with that said, here’s to a fun beginning at Skilly-do! Let's get started-- you can learn more about Skilly-do in our frequently asked questions, check out our free early education articles or give our free activities try