What Happens To Water?

Travel along water’s paths. Contemplate rain storms, melting snow, or drying concrete to strengthen environmental awareness and change perception.


Kids seek out water, especially puddles.  This exploration welcomes their desire to splash and to put their hands or feet in water as well. Please dress accordingly and enjoy!

  1. Imagination only  
  1. Skilly Spark: Talk with your child about all the places water can be found outside-- after a rain, when flowers are watered, when someone washes a car, when snow melts.  
  2. Go outside to find the form of water you discussed and observe.
  3. Ask your child: “Where does the water go?”
  4. More questions you might ask could be: Does some of it go into the ground? Or into a sewer? What happens in paved areas compared to the grassy areas?  What happens to melting snow?  Does the water carry things with it as it moves?  What are they?
  5. When you’ve answered all the questions or their interest has waned, then that’s the natural conclusion of the activity.
Keep the fun going
  • Look out for possible mud pies!
  • Head back inside and draw a picture of what they have observed.